What makes L’Arche different?

In today’s society, people with a learning disability are too easily forgotten. Many remain at risk of isolation, loneliness and abuse and live in a very small world with poor social networks.

L’Arche Communities, built with people who have a learning disability, seek to meet not just basic needs, but also the spiritual and emotional needs which we all have: to be loved, to be heard, to belong, to achieve –to live lives full of meaning and hope.

At the heart of our approach are our Core Traditions which are not cast in stone but are the symbols, rituals and language that express and nourish our identity.

Our Communities are places of celebration, nurture, activity, love and fun.

L’Arche Communities throughout the world share the same traditions which are central to our ethos and play a key role in transforming the lives of the vulnerable people we support.

  Richard Keagan-Bull, chair of L’Arche’s National Speaking Group for People with Learning Disabilities, says:

“I think all the L’Arche activities help people. Going to the Community Gathering – it makes you feel part of a bigger family where everyone is equal. No-one is left out. We are a bit bonkers in our Community sometimes. It’s important to have a laugh. The door is always open, never shut. There is always someone to talk to.”

There is an enormous need for the work and vision of L’Arche.

Worldwide over 4,000 people with learning disabilities depend on us and there are many more people waiting for our support.

Please support us today. Anything you can give will make a difference.

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£25.00 Thanks to Anonymous 01 April 2018
£50.00 Thanks to Anonymous 31 March 2018 Happy Easter
£30.00 Thanks to Reverend Stephen Niechcial 20 March 2018
£50.00 Thanks to Mr Simon Carr 19 March 2018 God bless you all.
£750.00 Thanks to Anonymous 14 March 2018
£100.00 Thanks to Anonymous 14 February 2018
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 13 January 2018
£20.00 Thanks to Mrs PE Higham 01 January 2018
£200.00 Thanks to Mr James Buckland 29 December 2017
£100.00 Thanks to Anonymous 20 December 2017
£100.00 Thanks to Anonymous 18 December 2017 Christmass present from our son - Joseph.
£40.00 Thanks to Mrs Hannah Roberts 16 December 2017 R
£2000.00 Thanks to Mr Jean-Marc Ciancimino 13 December 2017 The mission is so inspiring and moving. Carry on the great work.
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Terence Byrne 12 December 2017
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 11 December 2017 Peace and love to you all!
£25.00 Thanks to Mr Tony Gallagher 09 December 2017
£25.00 Thanks to Mr John Clements 06 December 2017
£79.00 Thanks to Anonymous 05 December 2017 On behalf of Sacred Heart Parish, Leighton Buzzard.
£25.00 Thanks to Anonymous 05 December 2017
£50.00 Thanks to Mrs Philippa Moll 03 December 2017 Delighted to support LArche. A fantastic organisation. This is in memory of Pamela Read, who died in July. Her eldest son, Andrew and family have been actively involved with LArche for may years.
£500.00 Thanks to Anonymous 19 November 2017 In memory of Margaret Hiscock
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Lynne Townend 09 November 2017 6 Mount Vale Drive YO24 1DN
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs Barbara Hill 02 October 2017 This donation is in memory of Pamela Read who died recently.
£150.00 Thanks to Mr Robert Donaldson 29 September 2017 In honor of Jessy Jaikumari Jayrajan, a LArche volunteer and true Good Samaritan who rescued me in an hour of great need.
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Lynne Townend 17 September 2017 Making a difference to many lives....thankyou
£300.00 Thanks to Anonymous 14 September 2017 God Bless you in all you do to keep shining a bright light in this troubled world.
£25.00 Thanks to Mr Francis Charnley 29 August 2017 You do such good work
£150.00 Thanks to Dr John Wilson 19 August 2017
£20.00 Thanks to Anonymous 14 August 2017
£25.00 Thanks to Miss Lucy Blow 07 August 2017 A donation made on behalf of Felicity and Sam to celebrate their marriage-two wonderful causes to celebrate!!
£50.00 Thanks to Anonymous 28 July 2017
£100.00 Thanks to Mrs Miriam Montgomery 20 July 2017 Delighted to support your great work!
£580.00 Thanks to Mrs Bernadette TIMOTHY 08 July 2017 43 Southview Close
£40.00 Thanks to Anonymous 05 July 2017
£100.00 Thanks to Reverend Mike Oates 25 June 2017 51 Ringwood Road
£15.00 Thanks to Ms Dinah Elliott 21 June 2017 This donation is in memory of Bruce, in accordance with his wife Jeannes wishes. I have also been very interested to read about LArche as in retirement I volunteer with a small self advocacy group for people with learning difficulties.
£30.00 Thanks to Mrs Anne Salkeld 20 June 2017 Kay Hitch Way
£50.00 Thanks to Mr PETER WILSON 20 June 2017
£50.00 Thanks to Anonymous 09 June 2017
£25.00 Thanks to Anonymous 09 June 2017
£50.00 Thanks to Mrs Penny Sedgewick 06 June 2017 To celebrate the truly, wonderful wedding of Ian and Sheena
£50.00 Thanks to Professor Chris Garforth 04 June 2017 To celebrate the wedding of Ian and Sheena which we were privileged to share this weekend.
£40.00 Thanks to Miss Lorraine McIntyre 29 May 2017
£40.00 Thanks to Miss Lorraine McIntyre 15 May 2017 Great work!
£50.00 Thanks to Miss christine frost 26 April 2017 for a very wonderful charirty
£90.00 Thanks to Mrs Katrina Robinson 20 April 2017
£25.00 Thanks to Mr David Coombs 20 April 2017 God bless you all
£300.00 Thanks to Anonymous 04 April 2017
£25.00 Thanks to Anonymous 02 April 2017
£2000.00 Thanks to Anonymous 31 March 2017
£500.00 Thanks to Mr P G Leppitt 29 March 2017
£40.00 Thanks to Mr M J S PAYNE 09 March 2017
£25.00 Thanks to Anonymous 19 February 2017
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs PE Higham 01 January 2017
£20.00 Thanks to Anonymous 28 December 2016 With love
£300.00 Thanks to Anonymous 22 December 2016 For LArche Bognor Regis. For activities of people with learning disabilities in the workshop.
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs Rosemary Peacock 14 December 2016
£20.00 Thanks to Mr John Wall 28 November 2016 77 Southampton Road Park Gate
£100.00 Thanks to Anonymous 26 November 2016
£25.00 Thanks to Anonymous 25 November 2016 GRENADIER DRIVE 33
£20.00 Thanks to Mr James Judge 24 November 2016 On behalf of Catholic Singles members
£50.00 Thanks to Dr John Riordan 10 November 2016
£100.00 Thanks to Reverend Jeanne Males 19 October 2016 Gifts from a day of celebration-forwarded with our love. Jeanne and Bruce Males
£20.00 Thanks to Mr Susan Tanner 16 October 2016 Donation from Sue and Martin Tanner for grateful thanks for friendship of Jeanne and Bruce Males
£50.00 Thanks to Mr DEREK HOPE 14 October 2016 Wishing Jeanne and Bruce Males a wonderful Ruby Wedding Anniversary.
£40.00 Thanks to Ms Lindsay Ould 14 October 2016 This donation is to celebrate 40 Years of marriage for Bruce and Revd. Dr. Jeanne Males who are lifelong supporters of Larche
£25.00 Thanks to Mr C BLACKWELL 13 October 2016 This donation is to celebrate the Ruby Wedding Anniversary of Jeanne & Bruce Males!
£50.00 Thanks to Mr Allan Pickard 26 July 2016
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