Driving Up Quality Code Action Plan

1. In all 7 communities in England: The 5 commitments of the Driving up Quality code form the basis for evaluating current year surveys of people’s degree of satisfaction with their support and the outcomes achieved. The named local Lead for ensuring quality uses the evidence from Reviews, from surveys of the people supported, and also from the surveys of relatives, advocates and professionals, to establish the 2015 baseline. This will be tested against the 16 inspection reports on the English services registered with CQC.

2. The National Speaking Group’s 10 reps will be invited to comment, and the local forums in each community, using existing clear-read material.

3. The Good Practice Forum will bring the code into its current project of reviewing the processes of quality assurance, and the strategy for the involvement of people who choose their support from L’Arche.

4. Peer review visits by a leader and an experienced member visiting each community for several days have been part of L’Arche’s culture since the 70’s: the written reports from the latest Community Visits will be reviewed by the National Board chair and team in Sept 2015.

5. The national team’s Lead for ensuring quality will collate the responses from 1, 2, 3 and 4. (By October 2015: KB)

6. These will be compared with the equivalent initiatives in Scotland’s services, which are based on implementing the Keys to Life strategy (AK); and the Welsh experience of the CSSIW standards (PB).

7. Policies and procedures: have a role in creating a culture that is open, learns from experience, integrates mistakes, and shares good practice via local and nationally-led initiatives. Three areas have been chosen for policy review in 2015: 1. The national Support and care policies, including that on Safeguarding, on the duty of candour, and on Deprivation of liberty (by May 2015) 2. The HR policies to which all employed members work: by July 2015 (Working with L’Arche handbook: PB) and 3. Risk management (June 2015: JS), positive risk-taking (October 2015: KB) and the Health and Safety policy and procedures (December 2015: PB).

8. This Action plan will be updated as a live document during the year, in particular by the addition of appendix sections that detail the specific quality and code-related objectives of each of the 7 communities in England. These will be added within these timescales: Preston and Liverpool – April / London – May / Kent – June / Bognor – July / Manchester – August / Ipswich – Sept.

How L’Arche can get better

We are people with and without learning disabilities, sharing life together.

There are good things in each L’Arche community – but L’Arche can get better.

By listening to each other, we make plans to change.

The Mandate says what we want to do.

Meetings, visits and inspections all help to show how we are getting on.

L’Arche can learn from people who are good at inspecting support.

Leaders can then make new plans to make sure L’Arche gets better.

The current version of the UK L’Arche communities’ Action Plan is the origin of the specific commitments to ensuring quality in this summary plan. Embedding both the Duty of Candour, the Driving up Quality code, and the Keys to Life strategy in Scotland form part of the UK plan. Each has named Lead. At local level, each named Lead for ensuring quality is responsible for the local objectives and their delivery.

Preston community:

L’Arche Preston is committed to the Lancashire Welcome Values of

  • Being Loved
  • Being Healthy
  • Feeling Safe 
  • Having Choices
  • Having Friends
  • We believe that the support of people in our community is strongly focussed on being loved and having a range of friendships that support a good quality of life.
  • We have placed a strong emphasis on health and worked at ensuring the people are safe in their own home and local community and that people engaged in supporting individuals have a good understanding through training and supervision on how to support people in the best way that promotes their choices and respects them as individuals.
  • However, during 2015 we will actively review how our commitment to each value is evidenced in the lives of each person with a learning disability we support. We will do this in conjunction with families, staff and the wider group of friends who are part of our community.
  • We will keep abreast of developments in the Welcome Values via the website and blog and will join the network to learn and share our experience.

Liverpool community:

  • L’Arche Liverpool’s approach to assuring quality is sustained throughout our ethos of delivering quality care and support, and in leadership development and management of teams, evidenced in appraisals.
  • L’Arche follows a Community Mandate, it is a full review of its vision, priorities and initial objectives, every 4 years. This concluded in February 2015. These reviews are part of the planning mechanisms for ensuring the organisation acts to address the needs and wishes of each person supported. Our plan of Objectives, renewed annually by a participative process, help us identify the key areas that L’Arche is going to focus on improving and developing over the coming year. Information is sourced from all workers and the people L’Arche supports, through listening cafes, questionnaires, and 1:1 meetings.
  • Annual stakeholder’s questionnaire, an accessible document sent out to Service Users and family members. The responses from the questionnaire are used to set out our objectives.
  • L’Arche Liverpool has been shown through this to have an open culture that promotes joint working, values accountability, and learns from experience. The Community Visit confirms this.
  • Evidenced based outcomes for each person via Service User reviews every 6- 8 weeks, person-centred Plans, reviewing individual programme of activities, feedback from workers, families and advocates, Social Workers and other professional colleagues.

Download a copy of this action plan here.

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