Why we need your help

L'Arche believes in the power of relationships to transform the lives of those whose deepest suffering is not their disability but their experience of isolation and loneliness.

Here in the UK people with a learning disability are often misunderstood and under-appreciated. Many remain at risk of isolation, loneliness and abuse and live in a very small world with poor social networks. Many have no-one in their life except those who are paid to support them. In many cases that support is failing at a fundamental level because it does not meet one of the most important needs of all - the need to belong.

What makes us different is the attention we pay to building relationships and to the spiritual lives of people with learning disabilities. L'Arche celebrates people with learning disabilities and in doing so creates places of belonging where some of the most vulnerable people in society can lead fuller lives.

In times of austerity the state often provides only the bare minimum of funding to keep a person with learning disabilities safe and secure. With your help we can continue to build supportive Communities with and for people with learning disabilities and transform the lives of more our fellow citizens.

Internationally L'Arche works in partnership with local groups of people with and without learning disabilities to create communities. We make a lasting difference to the lives of 3,750 people with learning disabilities worldwide. At the same time we welcome 3,000 new people each year, to work and live in communities, giving them a unique experience and understanding of community and respect of difference that will inform the rest of their lives.

L'Arche is a collaboration of gifts, expertise and resources and time which brings people together who are not prepared to accept the status quo but are inspired by each other to want more, for people with learning disabilities and for society.

Please help us to help more people with learning disabilities. Make a gift by visiting our donate page.

What will your legacy be?

Please consider leaving a gift to L’Arche in your will. Your legacy will impact for years to come. It will make a difference to those people with learning disabilities who need L’Arche in the future. Please download the PDF here for more information.

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