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Musa started his life in a dustbin ... will you help us to change the way people with learning disabilities are treated?

We hear stories from and about people like Musa, all over the world.  Some have been abandoned due to social and cultural factors, some are living with HIV/AIDS, some are former street children and others are survivors of domestic violence.

Globally L'Arche supports more that 3,500 of the worlds most vulnerable citizens but we want to help more.

L’Arche is working hard to transform the lives of people with a learning disability and those around them. Musa is now trhiving at the heart of the L'Arche Community in Kenya.  We are also shaping the lives of L’Arche Assistants and volunteers who come to live and work in our Communities.  What makes us different is the attention we pay to building relationships and to the spiritual lives of people with learning disabilities. There is an enormous need for the work and vision of L’Arche where many people depend on us for the safety and security of their lives and there are more people waiting for our support.

We provide vital operational funding to 30 of our International Communities around the world where there is no social structure or government welfare system. These funds are used to provide Community homes, workshops and schools as well as food, medical supplies, clothing, education, physiotherapy and transport. Our Communities would not be able survive without this help and we could not provide it without your support.

Please help us to help us sustain and grow L'Arche throughout the developing world.

You can read more about the International projects we are currently supporting on the L'Arche website:

You can view a video about Musa below. 


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£5.00 Thanks to Anonymous 30 August 2017
£50.00 Thanks to Miss Lucy Taylor 28 May 2017
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 06 May 2017
£15.00 Thanks to Miss Grace Petkovic 06 May 2017
£5000.00 Thanks to Anonymous 03 April 2017 To support and help you in your invaluable work.
£2000.00 Thanks to Anonymous 27 March 2017 Get work in Christs name
£1200.00 Thanks to Anonymous 05 January 2017
£50.00 Thanks to Dr Cecilia Bainton 21 December 2016
£30.00 Thanks to Mrs Aileen Fox 12 November 2016 Given a crib made in Maan lil-Hayat Palestine using a photo of it on my Christmas card my donation to help your work. Aileen
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Gilbert Reid 24 March 2016
£50.00 Thanks to Mr John Hamill 20 March 2016
£1.00 Thanks to Miss Helen Keary 20 January 2016 test
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