Lucy's London Marathon

“I have been an assistant in the L’Arche London Community since 2013. In the picture you will see Veronica and Donna, who are two individuals exceptionally close to my heart but I would like to tell you a bit more about my relationship with Veronica (the lady on the far left).


Veronica has been part of the L'Arche London Community for many years. After a few health problems and a long stay in hospital, she needed to find a new home within L'Arche London. My role was to help her in this process. It was a tricky challenge, as she had to learn to live with new people and adjust to some major changes in her life. During this time, I got to know Veronica well; her likes (cake, dancing, laughter) and her dislikes (early mornings, walking long distances, being told what to do) and understanding this is a lady that knows her own mind, who speaks up for what she wants and rightly so!


As time went on, our relationship blossomed. I noticed the similarities in our characters; our mutual love for reading, a strong desire to learn (Veronica often asks if I can help her practice her writing) and our shared sense of humour. I realised that this was more than a “work based relationship”, Veronica was my friend and we looked out for one another, this was a relationship that was nurtured due to the unique values of L’Arche and this is just one example of thousands of mutual relationships that have built and developed in L’Arche over the 50 years of its existence. 


Veronica is now settled in her new home and was so thankful for all the support she had received to ensure this happened well. Her home accommodates her care and support needs and she lives with people she can call friends. Her caring and compassionate nature is shared not only with her home but also with the local and wider community and she is supported do the things that give her life.


Your money could help Veronica and people like her to continue to grow and develop as an individual, maintain and build meaningful relationships and lead long and fulfilling lives, supported by people who care deeply for them. So please, I ask you to give generously as I commit to taking on the challenge of running the 2018 London Marathon and I will ensure the money is put to very good use.”

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£1.00 Thanks to Mrs Mel Gait 18 January 2018 Good Luck Lucy
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