Assistants' case studies

One recent assistant, Hedda Vief from Germany wrote about her experience of living as an assistant in one of our houses as follows:

"…from the very first day, I felt I was in the right place. I knew that it was right for me…although every one was very different from one another, there was also a great unity. As the time passed I started to feel part of this unity and eventually I felt at home. The people with learning disabilities were very frank and this was reflected generally in the house, so that the air was filled with trust and a deep acceptance of one another for who they are. It wasn’t that life in L’Arche was always easy, but I always felt supported through challenges and never felt alone. I often felt accompanied by the people in the houses and by the wider community and also by the presence of God which I felt more strongly than I had ever felt before in my life.

I am now back home studying….L’Arche changed my life in a profound way. Through living and working in community I realized that I carry the secret of my own happiness inside myself. This I learnt from the people with learning disabilities. I was given much during my time in the community and I always carry my experience of L’Arche with me."

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