More about Ipswich

Ipswich has been called ‘the biggest village’ in East Anglia (partly because a high proportion of the population come from rural Suffolk). It is just over an hour from London by train.

Although Ipswich has suffered economically in the same way as many coastal towns around the country (with 50% of its catchment area in the North Sea!), it is the county town of Suffolk and is gradually growing beyond its current population of 135,000, with much of the house building taking place on the outskirts of the town.

All the present and proposed properties of L’Arche are within 20 minutes of the Town Hall and some are even closer. All the facilities of a medium-sized town (gyms and pools, cinemas and theatre, shops and banks) are within easy walking distance, including the two bus stations.

We are developing new homes in Ipswich for people to live in smaller groups or individually, as part of a network of housing options. Whatever their housing arrangements, people will have the opportunity of personal support to expand their horizons, develop friendships and grow in emotional and spiritual maturity. A key to achieving this is the opportunity of daily, shared meals which nourish both body and soul. The shared meals are significant in helping to combat the loneliness and isolation that affects so many.

All the present and proposed community houses are close to bus stops.
Ipswich is an old town in an area used by the Romans, and took shape around the port in the 8th century with a predominantly non-conformist Christian history, in spite of the presence of 13 medieval churches.

See for information about Ipswich’s Christian history.

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