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Bolton Lane update

November 2015

Back in May, we proudly announced the opening of a new L'Arche house on Bolton Lane in Ipswich. Assistants, Laure and Lena, Maggie and Adrienn quickly created a welcoming and cosy home for our three new core members, Sam, Charlie-Ann and Maria. Since May, there have been a number of changes at the house, which we refer to as ‘The Lantern’.

Laure and Lena have now left L’Arche Ipswich to pursue new ventures and we have welcomed two new assistants to the house. Jocelyn (pictured right with Tim) joined us from Colorado in the United States and Rhoda from Hamburg in Germany. The Lantern recently hosted a Halloween Party, which everyone dressed up for and a fine spread of ‘scary’ food was enjoyed by all.

Ben Gummer MP visits The Lantern

August 2015

In August, our local MP, Ben Gummer, visited The Lantern. Ben visited us at The Cornerstone in April, so we were thrilled that he was keen to come and see our new L’Arche Ipswich house on Bolton Lane. Our assistants and core members had just got back from their summer holidays, but were nonetheless able to welcome Ben with tea and biscuits. Sam, pictured on the right, expressed an interest in meeting the Prime Minister, David Cameron, so we're hoping that Ben might be able to help him out on this front! 

Ben Gummer is the Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Health Services and MP for Ipswich.

Summer holidays 2015

Always a highlight of the year at L’Arche Ipswich, this year’s summer holidays were again much anticipated and much enjoyed by all involved.

It was decided this year to go to three different destinations – Lyon in France, Cork in Ireland and Belfast in Northern Ireland. The Lyon group – Charlie Ann, Hugh, Sam, Maggie, Anna and Lena – stayed in L’Arche accommodation in the city. They spent time sightseeing and getting to know Lyon. Assistant Anna is from Lyon and so it was great to have a knowledgeable guide. Anna’s family, who live nearby, kindly invited the L’Arche Ipswich group to dinner at their lovely home one evening, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

The Belfast group - Nick, Martin, Louise, Valentin, Anup, Nora, Adrienn and Andrew - stayed in Girl Guides' accommodation outside the city. They visited the L'Arche community in Belfast, the Titanic museum and the zoo. They also went to see the impressive Giants' Causeway.

The Cork group, made up of Philip K-B, Philip S, Tim, Istvan, Amit, Laure and Daniele, stayed in university accommodation. They visited the zoo, went sightseeing and shopping. The group were able to pay a visit to L'Arche Cork which everyone enjoyed. A highlight of the trip, according to assistant, Daniele, was being invited to core member, Maria's uncle's house for a meal. He said that they were made to feel very welcome and the family were so friendly and talkative. The group also enjoyed visiting an Irish pub (or two!) and tried their hands (and feet) at Irish dancing!


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