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L’Arche London supports 32 adults with learning disabilities and has been through significant growth and change. In two years, 10 people have joined and we have phased out some residential care in favour of supported living to increase choice and independence.

We need to continue to change. The support needs of our users grow with age – and some have been with us for 37 years.  We have been unable to meet an increase in demand because of a lack of specialist accommodation, and more people need structured day services to help their potential for employment and independent living.

The refurbishment of our main Norwood High Street site is key. It contains 7 terraced cottages (home for 9 residents), office and training spaces, shop and workshop.  We purchased the site in 2013, raising £930,000 to buy it at 40% below market value. We now need to:

Adapt the buildings to meet growing demand:

We have already created two homes for four people at minimal expenditure.  We now need to reconfigure our office and shop space to meet demand for day services. This will give more flexibility to provide skilled based and therapeutic activities.

Upgrade homes to enhance quality of life for residents:

Until we owned the freehold, substantial investment in the site was not cost effective. We now need to repair roofs, remove damp, replace windows and upgrade heating for residents.

Improve disability access and facilities

Our old buildings were not built with disability access in mind, we need to make essential changes to make ground floors accessible and create facilities suitable for those with more profound needs - including changes to WCs and greater use of technology.

Give greater scope for interaction with local community:

We already host a shop with local artists who sell their work alongside our products. We want to create flexible facilities to encourage greater involvement between people with and without disabilities to form greater local networks of support.

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£500.00 Thanks to Mr A Stewart 15 December 2017 This
£20.00 Thanks to Anonymous 02 April 2017 Very pleased to hear you were able to raise the money for the site in Norwood High Street and that you are now developing it.
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