What to expect as a L'Arche Assistant

Becoming a L’Arche assistant is an extraordinary and life changing experience.

L'Arche London assistants come from all over the world,  from all walks of life and all ages. Some have been with L'Arche for over thirty years, others join us for just a year. However long you choose to stay, you will meet some inspirational people and have a challenging and rewarding time. 

This year has been the most challenging but also the BEST year of my life  
Anna , former L'Arche London Assistant

If you are interested in joining our community, there are some things you should consider:

  • The rhythm and culture of each L'Arche house is set by the people with learning disabilities who have made it their home.

  • As a residential L'Arche Support Assistant you may live in either a dedicated home for assistants or alongside people with disabilities. You will have your own room. L'Arche covers the cost of your accommodation, all bills and your food.

  • Everyone is involved in housework - cleaning, cooking and shopping for food.

  • L'Arche is a diverse, inclusive Community with a Christian foundation. We welcome people of all faiths, or none, but we expect everyone to be open to all aspects of other people's spirituality, sexuality and outlook.

  • We ask Assistants to commit to L'Arche London for a minimum of one year. This will allows time for training and to build relationships withing the community. ( If you are looking for a shorter term involvement, then take a look at our volunteering opportunities.)

  • You may be asked to support people with their personal care (including showering, shaving, toothbrushing and going to the loo.)

  • Some people with learning disabilities can express frustrations through challenging behaviour.

  • It is important to understand that in the UK, L'Arche communities are faith communities and professional support providers. We are regulated and inspected, and must legally meet set standards. This means we require a level of competence and expect all assistants to undergo initial and on-going training.

  • Our community is from all over the world. We love to eat together, party and celebrate together!

To apply to be an Assistant at L'Arche London, visit our Vacancies page for more information.

“For me living alongside others, with and without disabilities
has been an experience of trust, faith and joy!”
Archana, L'Arche London Assistant

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