Why work in L'Arche

In a world that places such value on success and winning, L'Arche communities are places where people can take time to explore who they are, not just what they can do.

They are places of welcome where people are transformed by an intense experience of community, relationship, disability and difference.

Whatever your stage of life, whatever your background and experience, L'Arche has something to offer, and so do you. We believe that as we live our ordinary moments together in community we experience something extraordinary and develop long lasting relationships.

People choose to join L'Arche as a support worker (we say 'assistant') for a variety of reasons. Some are mature individuals wanting to give their lives new meaning through genuine and trusting relationships with others. Some come to L'Arche to learn or develop new skills and attitudes to people with a learning disability. Others may be professionals seeking a new context and deeper meaning within which to practice their chosen career.

"Living with those with disabilities has taught me a kind of humility
and to be grateful for simple things"
Anna, former L'Arche London Assistant

L'Arche London is an inclusive community with Christian roots. We welcome people of all faiths and none; if you are hoping to develop your spiritual life there are opportunities through regular worship, reflection, prayer, retreats and pilgrimages. Whoever you are, in return for the gifts you'll bring, you will discover a very simple and honest joy in the relationships you build with other people, both with and without learning disabilities.

"Quite simply being part of L'Arche is being loved for who you are."
Archana, L'Arche London Assistant

L'Arche is unique. We are a good quality care and support provider, regulated by the Care Quality Commission, with faith and community values at our heart. Excellence in care and a commitment to living community life are essential.

To find out more about being an Assistant at L'Arche London, click here  and then visit our Vacancies page for details of how to apply.

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