There is an easy spirituality about life in L’Arche Manchester.

On the one hand we have formal partnerships with our local Church of England parish where we share responsibility for leading the Sunday evening worship in the parish church once a month.  On the other hand at home we have very informal times of prayer where tea bags, a knife and fork and a box of tissues are the symbols we use!  We have prayer evenings where we use signing, symbols, photos, painting – all sorts of ways of creating inclusive, accessible prayer for people of all abilities. 

So often today people with learning disabilities are assumed not to have spiritual needs and even when a need has been expressed providers can be unsure how to meet this need.  In L’Arche Manchester we have a strong Christian faith identity but we would welcome the opportunity to explore other faith traditions.  And you certainly don't need to be Christian to be a part of our community. 

For some people formal church going is very important and we support that – both through our commissioned support but also through our friends and volunteers.  Others are not so interested in church or prayers – and that’s okay.  There is no obligation to join any prayer activities but it is there as a choice and we know how to be sensitive to people’s differing needs.

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