About L'Arche Preston

In a world that values winning and coming first L'Arche Communities are places where people can discover who they are not just what they can do.

There are 11 L'Arche Communities in the UK where people with and without learning disabilities share life together, living and/or working in community.  All are part of the International Federation of L’Arche which was founded by Templeton Laureate Jean Vanier.

Although grounded in the Christian tradition, L'Arche Communities welcome people of all faiths and none: our vision is a world where all belong.  For more information about L’Arche go to www.larche.org.uk.

Like other support providers we are regulated and inspected to ensure a high quality of provision.

Each Community is very different.

There has been a L'Arche community in Preston since 1998 and thereafter there has been a real desire for the community to grow so that more people may be welcomed to share life together. L’Arche Preston is an environment in which all are given the opportunity to grow, nurtured by meaningful relationships and treated as valued members of society.

Living together - today, six people with a learning disabilities live in our community house in Preston. They are supported by a number of assistants who live in the house and by others who are closely involved with the community in many different ways, some in an employed capacity as well as people involved on a voluntary basis. From our house on Moor Park Avenue, people are supported to be part of their local community accessing local colleges, volunteering and involvement with local organisations, using leisure facilities, & participating in the life of local churches.

We aim to:

  • Value each individual, ensuring that we see people with disabilities having as much to give as to receive
  • Create a sense of belonging, not just to L'Arche but to the wider community and beyond that the world
  • Be open to people's own spiritual needs, enabling them to draw on the resources that can provide

What makes L’Arche different is the attention we pay to building relationships and a sense of belonging.

In L’Arche we celebrate people with learning disabilities and build circles of support around them. We go beyond basic needs to attend to people’s emotional and spiritual lives.  Communities around the world share this common philosophy and approach while reflecting the ethnic, cultural and religious composition of the areas in which they exist.

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