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Michael's London Marathon

Wakelin is a veteran fund-raiser running half marathons, but this is his first attempt at the full 26 miles. Last time out he took on Mo Farrah in the Macclesfield Half Marathon and as you can imagine, it was no contest…

 “I looked behind me as I approached the finish and strangely Mo was nowhere to be seen.” Wakelin remembers. Attempts were made to get a comment from the world champion but Mo’s camp was strangely uncommunicative. The person who answered the phone said, “We’ve never heard of this Wakelin person - or Macclesfield. Now please go away."

For the London Marathon 2018, the usual sponsorship bidding war has started for Wakelin’s shorts and bandana but your donations are still very welcome.  In order to maximize the amount donated to the L’Arche Community, Wakelin has waived his appearance fee - so please give generously.

Why am I doing this?

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Total raised so far £1,435.00
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£25.00 Dr Rachel Mann05 April 2018 Dr Rachel Mann has donated £25.00 to your appeal
£5.00 Miss Jahnavi Harrison05 April 2018 Good luck Michael and God speed to you!
£10.00 Mr Jeff Berger04 April 2018 Best of Success!
£50.00 Mr Andrew Wright04 April 2018 Go Michael, Go
£10.00 Mr H A Belovski04 April 2018 A man with the entire interfaith community behind him cannot fail! Much love and rooting for you from the comfort of my armchair.
£25.00 Mr Chris Loughlin04 April 2018 Youre mad. Good luck. C.
£50.00 Mr Mark Hammond03 April 2018 Just for One Day
£1,000.00 Mr Neil Harbury03 April 2018 Michael. You are our hero. We know you can do it. Neil & Angie
£25.00 Mr Matthew Truran03 April 2018 Well done Michael, hope you have a brilliant day.
£10.00 Ms Anna Wakelin02 April 2018 A very impressed niece! Good luck!
£25.00 Ms Kate Hampshire02 April 2018 Well done Michael. Try and keep ahead of the novelty costumes.
£10.00 Mr donald Riseley02 April 2018 good luck-you are nearly as daft as me !!!
£10.00 Anonymous02 April 2018 Anonymous has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£25.00 Mr Charles McBryde02 April 2018 Good luck, Michael. Have fun!
£25.00 Mrs Rachel Lewis02 April 2018 Enjoy if you can ...
£20.00 Ms Tanya Fearon02 April 2018 Im so proud you are doing this. My advice would be, whatever you do, dont stop! you will feel so much worse, just plod along and youll be great. Look forward to hearing how it goes, Ill watch out for you on the TV!
£25.00 Miss Muriel Somerfield02 April 2018 Miss Muriel Somerfield has donated £25.00 to your appeal
£25.00 Mrs Michaela Youngson02 April 2018 Mo doesnt stand a chance!
£60.00 Anonymous02 April 2018 Good luck Michael!