In a divided world, L'Arche aims to be a sign of hope and unity. Grounded in the Christian tradition in the UK, we welcome people of all faiths and none to our communities. Our members come from many different cultures, countries, religious groups and faiths.

People with learning disabilities are often deprived of the opportunity to nurture a spiritual life. We think it is a basic right for everyone to make their own religious choices and help our community members develop their own faith, if they want to.

L'Arche's spirituality is vibrant. It encompasses prayer and pilgrimages, singing, shared meals, celebration and time for reflection. Some L'Arche members belong to faith organisations in the local community and in return, their ministers and priests often get involved with our spiritual celebrations. Members with learning disabilities sometimes have special needs when it comes to worship but we have developed many ways to make them feel involved, including music, gesture and mime.

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L'Arche welcomes people with disabilities belonging to different churches and faiths. Pilgrimage is fun as well as challenging – at least as L'Arche communities have discovered it.

Life in death

The L'Arche Prayer

At L'Arche, we hope to celebrate people's lives, even in the face of diminishment and death. If you have been inspired by our work, you may like to say the L'Arche prayer.

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